Simplify for future success

In any business, the commercial concept is always there as a need, opportunity or want. It is very much about being able to see the consequence of actions and be sure it is in the best interest of the Company.

- The question of how we ended up with such high costs within the oil and gas industry strikes me as the result of choosing the easy option, partner Atle Sundøy says. Meaning, not enough effort put into cross discipline technical and commercial processes and not needing to do a deep analysis of the real needs, opportunities and wants.

What is exciting in the time of negative focus on high cost is obviously the opportunities it represent. This is the time to come together and explore opportunities. Synergies and cooperation between business and across industry segments to find approaches that can make investment and development sustainable for the future.

There is no reason to write of the oil and gas industry for the future. It is now time to focus on the positive contributions of this industry especially in light of innovation and more back to basics and simpler solutions.

The key is to take the correct steps to enable such a process, which is challenging and will require top management attention. There will be winners and losers within the oil and gas industry and the winners will be the ones who can turn around and acknowledge the need for a real change and then do something about it.